A swing ride at the fair with a ferris wheel in the background.


Feeling like an observer in life is akin to watching a captivating movie unfold before your eyes, yet being detached from its narrative. It's a sensation of being present but not fully engaged, as if you're on the outskirts of your own existence. 

I put words to this sensation of being an observer. 

I embarked on a solo adventure to the Washington State Fair. Oddly enough, I've come to savor these solitary outings. The self-companionship and solitude have grown on me, reminding me that embracing one's own company is a valuable experience - at least that's what I tell myself. Little did I know that my day would take an unexpected turn. As I sat on a rustic wooden bench, relishing my small achievements from the day – snapping adorable photos of farm animals, indulging in freeze-dried candy, and savoring a delectable fair gyro – something peculiar happened.

Suddenly, an overwhelming wave of emotions swept over me, nearly bringing me to tears. I found myself absorbing the vibrant scenes around me: the joyful chaos of children racing by, young couples tightly holding hands, and the echoing sounds of laughter and excitement filling the air. It struck me that I was merely an observer in this energetic panorama of life. To my surprise, tears welled up in my eyes. How odd, a man in his late twenties on the brink of tears, deeply moved by the unfiltered joy around him. Overwhelmed, I decided to withdraw, seeking solace in the seclusion of my car. Tears flowed freely, a complex set of emotions I struggle to articulate flowed over me.  

-Blaine Ford

 A black pig sticking their snout in between the bars on the gate in front of them.     Eight baby piglets cuddled together sleeping on a pile of hay.


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