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Picture of me (Blaine Ford) sitting on a cliff edge with Mt.Rainier towering in the background.

From a young age, my fascination with nature grew alongside my passion for photography. Gifted a disposable camera by my grandmother at the age of six, I found solace in capturing the beauty of the trees in our backyard. Every camping trip and outdoor escapade became an opportunity to document the wonders of the natural world. My collection of photographs, stored under my bed, became a sanctuary on difficult days, allowing me to immerse myself in the joy and emotions of each captured moment. The allure of nature became the focal point of my photography journey, as it intertwined with my happiest memories and invoked a profound sense of inner peace. The Pacific Northwest, with its serene landscapes even under gray skies, serves as my ideal canvas. Through my lens, I aim to preserve not just images but also the feelings and emotions attached to them. Sharing these cherished moments with you is a privilege I hold close to my heart.

~ Blaine 🌲🏔☮️

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Hi! I'm Billie, an avid lover of mythical art and nature. I find joy in the metaphysical and enjoy an outgoing lifestyle. My creative passions include making unique jewelry like rings and bracelets, and painting with pastels and acrylics. Most of my artwork features mythical themes, bringing a touch of magic to my creations. Whether I'm crafting jewelry or painting, I'm always inspired by the beauty and mystery of the world around me.


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