Embracing the New Year: 2024

Embracing the New Year: 2024

In the realm of time’s relentless flow
a chapter ends, a new one begins

Embrace the dawn of a fresh frontier, 
as a new year appears,
let go the echoes of yesteryears,
and as the clock chimes twelve
banish all fears

Reflect upon lessons,
both bitter and sweet, 
wisdom harvested from the trials we meet

Celebrate the journey, 
the highs and the lows, 
as a new year's *songcord gracefully grows 

Weave new connections, 
create love that endures
A symphony of laughter -
life's melodic cures

Embrace the challenges that lie ahead 
with resilience 
as your trusted thread

"New year, new me!"
such a cliché line
I’m still me,
I still wear the same mind

 -Blaine Ford


*Songcord A mnemonic device used by Na'vi (fictional) individuals (in the film Avatar) as well as entire clans for recounting information, stories, and mythology.

Individuals create a songcord that is used as a tactile representation of their own personal or family/clan history, whereas community song cords can represent much more complex information such as astronomical and historical data. 

Above definition gathered from: https://james-camerons-avatar.fandom.com/wiki/Songcord

I enjoy the idea of looking back at a year and creating a songcord to represent the significant; the good and the challenging moments that made up the year to remember. 


(Featured image is a photograph I took at the Space Needle in Seattle, WA on New Year's 2016)

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