Image of a bed with yellow and blue blankets, the sun shining inside from a window above.

Summer Siesta

In summer's hold, where the sunlight streams,

Through window panes, casting golden beams,

A room warmed by the tender sun's kiss,

Crafts the perfect scene for midday bliss.


Above the blankets, sprawled in gentle ease,

A zephyr whispers secrets to the trees,

Its breath, a soft caress, soothes the skin,

Coaxing the boundaries of dreams to thin.


Outside, the world is vibrant, fully awake,

But here in this haven, a pause we take.

Birds chant their melodies, high and clear,

Their songs of freedom delight the ear.


Time seems to linger, a languid stretch,

In this tranquil moment, worries detach.

A perfect nap, under sun-filtered light,

Where daydreams float and take gentle flight.


So close your eyes, let peace overflow,

Beneath the sun's glow, let the quiet grow.

Embrace the warmth, the breeze, the serene sounds,

In this sleepy refuge, where rest abounds.


-Blaine Ford

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