A view of the Puyallup River and Mt.Raininer with two bridges going over the river.

Seasons from the Driver's Seat


In autumn, the world outside our car seems to be painted in warm hues of orange and gold. The trees, once adorned with lush green leaves, now wear a cloak of fiery foliage. The water, once a serene shade of blue, takes on a somber gray, reflecting the overcast skies above. It's a melancholic beauty, reminiscent of endings and new beginnings simultaneously.

But as the wheel of time continues to turn, so does the scenery outside. Now, in the embrace of spring, the transformation begins again. The once barren branches now burst forth with life, adorned with tender green leaves that sway gently in the breeze. The water, no longer dull and gray, dances with the vibrant hues of blue, shimmering under the sun's warm embrace.

And then, there's Mt. Rainier, the majestic guardian of the landscape, playing hide-and-seek with the clouds. In autumn, it often shrouds itself behind a veil of mist and rain, its silhouette barely discernible on the horizon. But now, in the season of renewal, it stands tall and proud, its snow-capped peak glistening in the sunlight, a beacon of stability amidst the ever-changing panorama below.

For those who traverse this familiar route day in and day out, these seasonal transformations become more than just a backdrop to their commute. They become a reminder of the cyclical nature of life itself, of the inevitability of change, and the beauty that can be found in each passing moment. The next time you find yourself behind the wheel, take a moment to glance out the window and marvel at the timeless dance of nature unfolding before your eyes.


Puyallup River off the 509 Highway Tacoma, WA






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