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Little Mashel Falls via 1000, 1070 Road 5mi 649ft elevation

If you're seeking a picturesque escape into nature without straying too far from civilization, the Little Mashel Falls Trail via 1000, 1070 Road in La Grande, WA, offers the perfect blend of accessibility and natural beauty. Tucked away in the wilderness, this trail is a rewarding adventure for outdoor enthusiasts of all levels. However, finding the trailhead can be a bit tricky, which is why I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

1. Start Point: Smallwood Park, 436th St E, Eatonville, WA 98328. Park your vehicle at the designated parking area at Smallwood Park. From here, your journey to Little Mashel Falls begins.

2. Trailhead: Upon parking, head towards the wide gravel trail on the right side of the parking lot. Take note, the trailhead might not be immediately obvious, but it's there!

Muddy trail in the forrest

3. Follow the Trail: Once on the gravel trail, proceed forward and take the first left turn. It's essential to avoid taking the right turn, as it simply loops back to the parking lot. Stay on the left path, which leads you behind someone's property line. 

4. Cross the Bridge: As you continue along the trail, you'll eventually encounter a bridge. Cross the bridge and continue forward.

5. First Left:  After crossing the bridge, take the first left turn. Look out for a sign indicating the direction towards the waterfall. This left turn sets you on the right path towards your destination.

6. The Final Stretch: As you navigate through the trail, keep an eye out for a red sign nailed to a tree. This marker signals that you're on the right track. From here, follow the trail onwards, and before you know it, you'll be greeted by the roaring sounds of Little Mashel Falls.

A trail map of the hike

Upon reaching Little Mashel Falls, prepare to be mesmerized by the sight of cascading water framed by towering evergreen trees. Many hikers opt to venture down towards the middle falls marker, offering a closer encounter. While the terrain may be muddy, the beauty of the falls more than compensates for any minor inconveniences. Take the path to the right atop the slippery rocks to go underneath the falls and reach a small cavern behind, you'll get wet but you'll feel full of power witnessing the water cascading down in front of you. 

A girl walking on the rocks to reach the cavern behind the falls

Man (me) standing in front of waterfall with water droplets on my glasses

While the trail to Little Mashel Falls is relatively easy to navigate, it's essential to come prepared. Wear sturdy hiking shoes suitable for muddy and wet terrain, especially during the winter months. And remember not to rely on Google Maps, use my step-by-step directions and you'll find your way there! 

Two people standing onto of a large rock next to Mashel Falls

-Blaine Ford


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